Lightwire places players in the role of a witty, young space engineer as they strive to save their dying home planet.  Players must harvest enough energy from various nodes throughout the galaxy in order to satisfy the growing demand at home. Lightwire utilizes fun, gesture-based features, as players draw laser beams across energy nodes. Players cause massive explosions that generate the valuable energy needed to sustain life.


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In the future, Earth has expanded to hundreds of worlds, but has exhausted all of its sources of energy. Humanity’s brightest minds have discovered how to extract energy from the cosmos and store it in energy nodes, to be harvested in case of dire need. Now, in a desperate gamble, Earth must send out collection ships to extract this energy before it is too late. Weapons officer Daniel Moore and the crew of the U.S.S. Nonpareil must travel to the Andromeda galaxy to bring this energy home.
But the Andromeda galaxy is filled with danger that will test the crew of the Nonpareil to their limits. Only Daniel and Lightwire, the ship’s AI, can unravel the clues left by a mysterious privateer in order to reveal a threat that could spell the end of humanity.